Patriarchal Blessing Revelator
A collection of LDS patriarchal blessings


18% of all blessings submitted contained the promise of Courage.

0000-00-00 Ephraim
I bless you with courage.
1989-05-14 12 Ephraim
Because you are so courageous you are going to be called into areas that to most would take much courage, but you will go forth with such courage and with such dominion.
1993-09-26 TX/USA 17 Ephraim
You have been endowed with courage to stand up for the truth, even in the face of considerable opposition, like Esther, beloved Esther, noble Esther of old. Do not underestimate the extent of the potential power of your example and your uncompromising position on matters of truth and righteousness. No one can say where your influence will end.
1994-07-31 24 Ephraim
For this I give you that you may have the courage to stand up for the truth and right, and for the work in which you have been engaged.
1996-01-21 Fruitland, Idaho, USA 17 Ephraim
I bless you with confidence and courage.
2000-01-24 Renton, Washington, USA 16 Ephraim
I bless you with courage that you can change lives for the better.
2002-04-28 Heber City, UT 17 Ephraim
I bless you with the gift of courage, for there will be times that you will need to step forward into the unknown.
2005-11-13 Centreville, Virginia, USA 16 Manasseh
I bless you to recognize the the ultimate destination to which your choices will lead and I bless you with strength and courage to go forth on the more strenuous path, the path that brings blessings of accomplishment and blessings of joy and happiness to your and to those you love.
2008-01-27 Payson, Utah, USA 16 Ephraim
I bless you with the courage to do what is right regardless of the apparent consequences.