Patriarchal Blessing Revelator
A collection of LDS patriarchal blessings


72% of all blessings submitted contained the promise of Conditions.

0000-00-00 Ephraim
This is all part of God's plan your you, *****, all of which will come about according to your faithfulness.
0000-00-00 Ephraim
Your patriarchal blessing is based upon your faithfulness and upon the will of the Lord.
0000-00-00 Ephraim
I confer these blessing upon you, with all such blessings contingent upon the purity of your life
0000-00-00 Ephraim
I seal these blessings upon your head, through your faithfulness.
1955-02-10 Burbank / CA / USA 14 Ephraim
I bless you that you may live worthy to receive the blessings that have now been pronounced upon your head and thereby be saved in His celestial kingdom.
1969-05-01 Syracuse / Utah / USA 18 Ephraim
*****, be faithful unto the Lord and His commandments at all times. All of His blessings are predicated upon obedience.
1971-09-18 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 27 Ephraim
I bless you spiritually that you may have those opportunities to grow and develop and fit yourself for the rich and wonderful blessings that your father in Heaven has for the faithful.
1973-02-03 Leicester England 16 Ephraim
if you are faithful and obedient to His laws... You will receive certain ordinances, as you go through your life, that will bring great joy and happiness unto you. But inasmuch as you have these ordinances pronounced upon you, if you are not obedient and if you do not keep the commandments, you will find that these will bring sorrow and heartbreak unto you.
1973-05-08 Lincoln, Nebraska 22 Ephraim
This has come to you as a free gift, what it will mean in your life will depend on you as all blessings are predicated upon laws. Recognize that all blessings come from the Lord and are predicated upon our worthiness to receive them.
1978-10-15 Kailua Ward Building Ephraim
All of these blessings are sealed upon you as you remain faithful and as you do those things that our Heavenly Father asked you to do by obeying His commandments. All of these blessings are yours predicated upon your faithfulness.
1979-04-09 Santa Barbara CA USA 27 Ephraim
Such a blessing is given contingent upon the faithfulness and righteousness of the individual, as are all blessings promised by the Lord unto his children.
1981-10-11 American Fork, UT USA 18 Ephraim
always be found in those places where the Spirit may dwell. If you will be true and faithful, you will continually gain in strength...
1984-12-01 /Washington/USA Ephraim
I seal this blessing upon you, proclaiming that it will come to fulfillment in its entirety, according to your faithfulness.
1989-05-14 12 Ephraim
Now these blessings and the realization of these blessings are based upon your faithfulness to your Heavenly Father. Love your Heavenly Father.
1993-09-19 TX/USA 19 Ephraim
These blessings I confer upon you... all predicated upon your obedience
1993-09-26 TX/USA 17 Ephraim
All blessings come through obedience to the laws upon which they are predicated. Your coming indicates that you have satisfied the conditions in the eyes of Heaven, upon which this blessing is predicated.
1994-06-19 19 Ephraim
Responsibility is coupled with each blessing but not without proper instruction. As you study and ponder the scriptures, listen to your priesthood in all that you need to keep your life straight and direct your activities so you can return to the presence of the Lord.
1994-07-31 24 Ephraim
All the promises that are given unto you this day are subject to your faithfulness and diligence in keeping the commandments of the Lord.
1995-10-27 27 Ephraim
All blessings are according to your faithfulness.
1996-01-21 Fruitland, Idaho, USA 17 Ephraim
All of these blessings are based upon your obedience and faithfulness.
1996-05-01 Edmonton/Alberta/Canada 18 Ephraim
These blessings and others which God has in store for you will be given unto you and upon your family in accordance with your obedience and diligence, and through your faithfulness in honouring those covenants which you make with him.
1996-08-11 Merced/CA/USA 17 Ephraim
All of these rights, all of these privileges, all of these blessings are sealed upon you this day through you faith and through your faithfulness.
1997-07-13 Cedar City, Utah, U.S.A. 18 Ephraim
All things pertaining to the priesthood in the church and happiness can be had through your dedication, work and obedience, nothing lacking, nothing missing.
1997-09-01 Corvallis 14 Ephraim
The righteous desires of your heart will come to pass if you remain faithful and true. You will be blessed by God here and hereafter if you only remain obedient to the commandments of God.
1998-05-14 Porterville/California/USA 16 Ephraim
I bless you to remember that all blessings are predicated on obedience to the commandments of the Lord.
1998-08-18 Dothan/Alabama/USA 18 Ephraim
If you are humble and faithful you shall have much success in bringing people into the church.
2000-01-24 Renton, Washington, USA 16 Ephraim
These blessings will be given to you as they are earned and needed in your life.
2001-06-09 Orem, Utah, USA 17 Ephraim
All such blessings are contingent upon your living the Gospel of Jesus Christ while on this earth. Therefore, study the scriptures, learn of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, acquire a strong testimony of Him, bear that testimony often and do those things that the Lord desires of you. Remain pure in body, mind and spirit as there is great strength in purity.
2001-08-12 Lacey/WA/USA 16 Ephraim
Know also that this blessing is predicated upon your righteousness, your desire for truth, and your willingness to remember and keep the commandments which our Father in Heaven has given.
2002-08-25 Naperville/IL/USA 21 Ephraim
These blessings I seal upon you through your faithfulness to the commandments of God.
2003-05-08 Orem, Utah, USA 21 Ephraim
I pronounce these blessings upon you, and remind you that the fulfillment is conditioned upon your faithfulness.
2005-11-13 Centreville, Virginia, USA 16 Manasseh
Remember that it is through your faithfulness and by the will of the Lord that the promises of this blessing will be fulfilled.
2007-07-01 Arizona 16 Dan
Inasmuch as you obey the safety rules, wear the proper protective equipment and garments your limbs will be spared; your life will be complete with good quality all your days.
2008-01-27 Payson, Utah, USA 16 Ephraim
I pronounce this blessing upon you, *****, on the condition of your obedience and endurance to the end.
2009-07-19 Kirkland, Washington, United States 14 Ephraim
I promise you, through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, that every particular of this - your patriarchal blessing - will be fulfilled in detail according to your faithfulness and obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
2010-02-14 Meridian, Idaho, USA 16 Ephraim
This blessing I seal upon you, but I remind you that it it contingent upon your worthiness, so be faithful, be diligent, and give great love and concern to all those that you have the opportunity to rub shoulders with in this life.