Patriarchal Blessing Revelator
A collection of LDS patriarchal blessings


12% of all blessings submitted contained the promise of Beauty.

1969-05-01 Syracuse / Utah / USA 18 Ephraim
He has many blessings in store for you and among them is the Spirit of Beauty.
1991-07-22 Nampa, Idaho, USA Ephraim
Use caution at all times, so undue accidents may not be your lot, to mar your beauty, nor slow your progression in this life.
1993-09-26 TX/USA 17 Ephraim
You have been blessed with all of the attributes of beautiful womanhood and the capacity for noble motherhood.
1997-09-01 Corvallis 14 Ephraim
You have been given gifts of beauty.
2006-09-15 19 Ephraim
You will learn to enjoy the world, to see the beauty of it and to know that God made it for special purposes. You will be blessed to find that beautiful woman who with you, in love, can go to the temple for your eternal covenants of marriage.
2007-07-01 Arizona 16 Dan
You will be crowned with beauty, glory and honor.