Patriarchal Blessing Revelator
A collection of LDS patriarchal blessings


38% of all blessings submitted contained the promise of Protection.

0000-00-00 Sandy, UT Ephraim
As you go forward, fear not for heavenly father will send guardian angels to protect your path and to mark the way.
0000-00-00 /Ohio/USA Ephraim
Your family will be protected and fortified.
0000-00-00 Ephraim
I bless you to be guided and protected by the Spirit.
1969-05-01 Syracuse / Utah / USA 18 Ephraim
You shall enjoy His protecting care and you shall walk in Light and be able to avoid darkness.
1971-09-18 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 27 Ephraim
If thou shalt continue to live close to your Heavenly Father, and be obedient to His teachings and commandments, He shall watch over thee and thine and shall guide and direct you and protect thee.
1973-02-03 Leicester England 16 Ephraim
As you go through this life you shall see destruction and famine come unto many of the inhabitants, but you will be protected and preserved, if you remember to honour the callings that are placed upon you, if you keep the commandments of our Father and do His will.
1984-12-01 /Washington/USA Ephraim
You will treasure the protection given you by God's loving hand.
1989-05-14 12 Ephraim
I bless you that with your faith you can call down the very Powers of Heaven for your protection if that is necessary.
1991-07-22 Nampa, Idaho, USA Ephraim
I promise you, if you will use wisdom, prayer, and always seek direction, then serious accidents will not be a part of your life and even through close calls, you will remain unscathed.
1996-02-11 Ann Arbor, MI, USA 17 Ephraim
You will enjoy divine protection and guidance
1998-08-18 Dothan/Alabama/USA 18 Ephraim
You will be watched over by your special guardian angel while you are away on your mission.
2000-01-24 Renton, Washington, USA 16 Ephraim
I bless you that as destruction takes place around you that you will be found in holy places that you will have no need to fear.
2001-08-12 Lacey/WA/USA 16 Ephraim
Your life will be preserved until your mission is complete.
2002-02-08 La Grande, Oregon, USA 20 Ephraim
Your Heavenly Father loves you very much. He will watch over and protect you and give you the inspiration you need to carry out the responsibilities that come to you not only now but through out your lifetime.
2003-05-08 Orem, Utah, USA 21 Ephraim
You will be warned of dangers, both physical and spiritual. Your faithfulness will determine the spiritual strength of you and your family and will also protect you and your family from many dangers both seen and unseen.
2007-07-01 Arizona 16 Dan
I bless you with safety and protection from harm in times of crises and emergency. Inasmuch as you obey the safety rules, wear the proper protective equipment and garments your limbs will be spared; your life will be complete with good quality all your days.
2008-01-27 Payson, Utah, USA 16 Ephraim
If you act upon the things you know to be right, you will be protected and will be preserved.
2009-07-19 Kirkland, Washington, United States 14 Ephraim
You will be protected from the darts of the Adversary, in whatever form they come, as you direct your life in the footsteps of the Savior.
2010-02-14 Meridian, Idaho, USA 16 Ephraim
Be diligent in following the counsel and inspiration that comes to you so that you may receive protection and direction in your life.