Patriarchal Blessing Revelator
A collection of LDS patriarchal blessings

Membership in the Church

32% of all blessings submitted contained the promise of Membership in the Church.

0000-00-00 Ephraim
You are chosen by God to be among the first to receive the restored gospel in the latter days.
0000-00-00 Ephraim
You have accepted baptism and confirmation in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and so doing, you have accepted all of those commandments that our Heavenly Father has given His children to live by, and this will be the pathway that you will tread throughout your life.
1955-02-10 Burbank / CA / USA 14 Ephraim
You were permitted in time to receive the Gospel and to aid the Priesthood in building up His great church preparatory to His second coming.
1971-09-18 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 27 Ephraim
Thou art blessed to have come forth in this dispensation and to have had the privilege and opportunity of gaining a knowledge of the Restored Gospel and entering the waters of baptism and making thy covenants with thy Heavenly Father to keep His commandments and to serve Him.
1973-05-08 Lincoln, Nebraska 22 Ephraim
You have been blessed to receive in childhood the message of the gospel.
1979-04-09 Santa Barbara CA USA 27 Ephraim
Brother *****, you are, along with a very few people who have been born in this world, most fortunate that you have in your young adult life found your way into the Church and Kingdom of Jesus Christ in these last days.
1981-10-11 American Fork, UT USA 18 Ephraim
You can be the means of helping many of them become members of the Lord's Church and to enjoy the blessings that you enjoy.
1983-06-26 Tremonton, UT, USA 14 Ephraim
I say unto you, dear brother, that you have come in a blessed age when the gospel is upon the earth and been privileged to partake of it.
1989-05-14 12 Ephraim
Now *****, there are many special things in store for you, blessings that would not come to the common man who is not a member of this great Church and who does not know Heavenly Father.
1994-07-31 24 Ephraim
For this is a great work which you have embraced and it is because of your diligence and your faithfulness and your humility and willingness to serve the Lord that you have been brought forth at this time to accept the gospel, as it is restored in all its purity and with all of the gifts and powers that are embraced in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
1995-10-27 27 Ephraim
He has blessed you to be born under the New and Everlasting Covenant where you are sealed to your parents for time and all eternity.
1996-02-11 Ann Arbor, MI, USA 17 Ephraim
I bless you, *****, that during these years of preparation you will grow and develop into lovely womanhood, you will be taught by the Holy Ghost, and you will become converted into the gospel of Jesus Christ and to the restoration.
1996-08-11 Merced/CA/USA 17 Ephraim
You have been called before this earth was ever created to be a leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to come to know the Prophet and the Apostles, to journey throughout the length and the breadth of the earth as a messenger of truth and righteousness.
1997-09-01 Corvallis 14 Ephraim
You have been blessed here upon earth to have found the restored Church of Jesus Christ, and if you are faithful and obedient, and remain active in the Church, your life will be greatly blessed.
2001-08-12 Lacey/WA/USA 16 Ephraim
Your spirit was withheld until these latter days when the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth and you would be able to experience the restored Gospel in your life.
2002-02-08 La Grande, Oregon, USA 20 Ephraim
It was your desire to come into a home where these principles were taught and lived so that you could enjoy a lifetime membership in His church.