Patriarchal Blessing Revelator
A collection of LDS patriarchal blessings


48% of all blessings submitted contained the promise of Education.

0000-00-00 Ephraim
I bless you academically to excel in your education. You will have the opportunity to attend college. Make the most of that opportunity.
0000-00-00 Ephraim
You are blessed that you will be able to continue your schooling when you return from your mission. You will be successful in your school work and many of your expenses will be paid through the work that you do at college. You will continue to do very well academically.
0000-00-00 Ephraim
You will be guided by the inspiration of heaven in selecting courses of study and ultimately your life's work.
0000-00-00 Ephraim
I bless you to obtain the education which you desire. I bless you that the Lord shall open doors of opportunity to help and bless you, and that He will open your understanding to things which will bring you to the greatest joy and success.
1981-10-11 American Fork, UT USA 18 Ephraim
You will be successful in your school work.
1989-05-14 12 Ephraim
The Holy Ghost will help you to recall all things that you study in your education, on tests, oral or written. He will help and prompt you as you put forth the great effort that is necessary in what you pursue. I bless you that you will have total recall of the things that you study, for tests and questions that are asked.
1991-07-22 Nampa, Idaho, USA Ephraim
I promise you, if you will continue in your quest for education, learning well, as you are now, you will develop into a fine teacher and your callings and assignments will be many and you will find great joy in your life. Seek for additional learning at every opportunity in all areas, for it will enable you to serve others and prepare yourself for eternal life.
1993-09-26 TX/USA 17 Ephraim
You will be privileged to receive the higher education you will need to become independent and self-sustaining
1996-01-21 Fruitland, Idaho, USA 17 Ephraim
Continue to value education and work toward accomplishing the goals you are desirous of reaching.
1996-02-11 Ann Arbor, MI, USA 17 Ephraim
It will be made known to you by the whisperings of the Holy Spirit your life's work, and the avenues of education you should pursue that will qualify and prepare you to be productive, to become a leader in your chosen profession.
1997-07-13 Cedar City, Utah, U.S.A. 18 Ephraim
Should you desire upon return from your mission, a way will be made for you to attend an institution of education and there follow after the profession you desire. The Lord would have you know that He is not particular about what you choose to do, but desires for you to find yourself in a position to always be honest with your fellowmen, that you may never defile yourself in the interest of earthly things.
1997-11-16 San Jose, CA, USA 16 Ephraim
I bless you in your educational pursuits and tell you: Consult the Lord in all your doings. He will be your source of strength and guide. He shall illumine you; make things clear, understandable unto you for He is all intelligence and knowledge. Remember, the glory of God is intelligence; the better prepared and learned of His Kingdom, the faster will you overcome obstacles which come your way - then shall you be victorious, know joy and success.
1998-05-14 Porterville/California/USA 16 Ephraim
I bless you , as you desire further education, that it will be granted to you. Study and learn whereby it will be a means for you to care for your future family. I bless you to receive higher education, if that be your desire, and to strive for excellence in this goal.
1998-08-18 Dothan/Alabama/USA 18 Ephraim
I bless you that you will go to our Father in Heaven on your knees and inquire of him as to what he would have you do with the remainder of your life. Listen to the sweet spirit. Your father will probably tell you to complete your education, because an education makes good people better, you will need your education to provide for your family.
2001-06-09 Orem, Utah, USA 17 Ephraim
My dear *****, I bless you that you may move forward with the desires of your heart. That you may accomplish such purposes you desire by way of education.
2001-08-12 Lacey/WA/USA 16 Ephraim
I bless you that your mind will be alert and receptive to those things that you learn in school and in Church, and that you will temper all the secular knowledge that you gain with the spiritual knowledge that you gain through Church membership.
2002-08-25 Naperville/IL/USA 21 Ephraim
You will be blessed in your efforts in college. Your exploration of the topics of your chosen field will be extensive and you will be recognized for your efforts. In some cases you will have overcome great difficulties but you will be satisfied with your efforts and your preparation.
2003-11-17 Lancaster, California, United States 18 Ephraim
Be sure you learn all you can about the things of the world as well as the things of your Father in Heaven.
2005-11-13 Centreville, Virginia, USA 16 Manasseh
As you do so, I promise you will be successful in your education, in your occupation, and in your family roles.
2006-08-20 18 Ephraim
Your mind will be blessed that you will prosper in your schooling.
2006-09-15 19 Ephraim
You are blessed in your mind to expand as you seek knowledge through your college work and extended learning. You will have professors who teach by the power of God.
2007-07-01 Arizona 16 Dan
I bless you with a wonderful education which will enrich those around you. You have a great understanding of the spoken word, written words, art and music. You are also skilled in mathematics, science and medicine. You can combine any combination of these to make a career with opportunities in your community and in the world. You will receive degrees and honors. All the doors will be opened that you need to be successful.
2008-01-27 Payson, Utah, USA 16 Ephraim
Donít take schooling lightly or for granted. Challenge and discipline yourself to do your best in all things. Donít limit yourself or allow outside influences to negatively effect your ability to learn, grow, and progress.
2010-02-14 Meridian, Idaho, USA 16 Ephraim
I bless you that you may continue to be diligent in your schooling, and that you may learn all that in necessary for you.