Better Information
Raw information about the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Original documents and sources

Installment 1: The First Vision
Dates of Smith Family Relocations
Smith Family Reputation
Religious Excitement
The First Vision
The Effects of the First Vision

Installment 2: The Golden Plates
Seer Stones
Money Digging
Visit From an Angel
The Day Following the Angel's Visit
Trial of 1826
The Right Person
Emma Hale
Luman Walters
Receiving the Golden Plates and Palmyra Persecution
Descriptions of the Plates and Included Items
Installment 3: Harmony, PA
Martin Harris
Anthon Transcript
Firstborn Child
Joining the Methodist Church
Praying over Corn
116 Lost Pages
Pre-Cowdery Translation
Eliza Winters

Installment 4: Early Revelations
Doubt of Martin Harris
Oliver Cowdery
Gift of Aaron
John the Beloved
Restoration of the Priesthoods
Three Witnesses
Other Witnesses
George Crane Prophecy
Trial of 1829

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Installment 5: The Book of Mormon
Original Manuscript
Book of Mormon Translation Process
Rigdon-Spaulding Theory
Contemporary Works
Captain Kidd
Book of Mormon Location of Events
Lamanite Heritage
Archaeological Findings
Returning the Golden Plates
Mission to Toronto