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My philosophy is that everyone has it within themselves to be their own historian, and deserves to be given the best information available so they can draw their own conclusions. Mormon history in particular is shrouded in enormous controversy and people tend to latch onto the information and explanations from historians that best suit their preconceived conclusions on what are almost unavoidably polarizing issues. It is my hope that Better Information is unique in that it strips all that away and says here is the raw history. Here is the original source information without modern bias or interpretation one way or another. You decide. In essence I would say it is based on the LDS principle of free agency.

The Temple Name Oracle and Patriarchal Blessing Revelator are based on the same principle, but with crowd-sourcing as the medium. New names and patriarchal blessings can inherently be very personal and private things, and thus are only shared when an individual personally and privately decides to do so. Information can then be indirectly captured about the practices that, due to the culture of secrecy that surrounds them, would otherwise be lost to the knowledge of even those who participate in them.

I've received several messages from people thanking me who have had very positive experiences from the information on this website, and each one is a little different from all the others. It is not my goal to impose a specific experience on anyone, but rather to provide information and let their experiences happen as they may. It is my philosophy that education, not restriction, is the answer to most of the world's problems. Lifting censorship and providing information on human experiences with as little bias as possible will then allow my users to have the tools necessary to make decisions in their own lives without being manipulated by others with an agenda on what decisions they think should or should not be made.

-Clint Kimball

Contact: kimballthenom@yahoo.com